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Nutrition Services - Important Links
Application for Free & Reduced Meals

Click Here For District Menus

Mealtime Online

     *  Add money to your student's lunch account (small fee)

     *  Sign up for e-mail notification for low balance on account (free)

     *  Look up what your child has been purchasing (free)

Smart Snack Resources
Healthy Fundraising

Policy Guidance

Smart Snack Calculator

Are the foods you are selling for a fundraiser Smart Snack compliant?  Click on the Calculator to see.  For a list of the new Oregan and Federal Smart Snack requirement click here.  

Smart Snacks in School Fundraiser

Recipe and Menu Idea Links
Food Hero Healthy Recipes

OSU Extension has put together this great website with healthy recipes for your family to try.

Staff Training
Oregon Department of Education Child Nutrition Programs

ODE has several training topics including Breakfast Overview, Lunch Overview, diving into each category of foods and other regulatory topics.

Lunch Program Articles
Obama hits GOP over school lunch plan