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District Report Cards

Each year, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) prepares a report card for every school and district in the state. These report cards include data on student testing performance, attendance and graduation rates, staffing, and other statistical information; they also provide both state and federal ratings of the schools and districts based on formulas that take various subsets of the data into account. Per state law, school districts must ensure that all parents have access to their local school and district report cards by January 15.

Folder Clatskanie Elementary School (15 Files)
pdf file 18-19 CES English
pdf file 18-19 CES Spanish
pdf file 18-19 CED Details
pdf file 17-18 CES English
pdf file 17-18 CES Spanish
pdf file 17-18 CES Details
pdf file 16-17 CES English
pdf file 16-17 CES Spanish
pdf file 16-17 CES Details
pdf file 15-16 CES English
pdf file 15-16 CES Spanish
pdf file 15-16 CES Details
pdf file 14-15 CES English
pdf file 14-15 CES Spanish
pdf file 14-15 CES Details
Folder Clatskanie Middle/High School (15 Files)
pdf file 18-19 CMHS English
pdf file 18-19 CMHS Spanish
pdf file 18-19 CMHS Details
pdf file 17-18 CMHS English
pdf file 17-18 CMHS Spanish
pdf file 17-18 CMHS Details
pdf file 16-17 CMHS English
pdf file 16-17 CMHS Spanish
pdf file 16-17 CMHS Details
pdf file 15-16 CMHS English
pdf file 15-16 CMHS Spanish
pdf file 15-16 CMHS Details
pdf file 14-15 CMHS English
pdf file 14-15 CMHS Spanish
pdf file 14-15 CMHS Details
Folder Clatskanie School District (15 Files)
pdf file 18-19 District English
pdf file 18-19 District Spanish
pdf file 18-19 District Details
pdf file 17-18 CSD English
pdf file 17-18 CSD Spanish
pdf file 17-18 CSD Details
pdf file 16-17 CSD English
pdf file 16-17 CSD Spanish
pdf file 16-17 CSD Details
pdf file 15-16 CSD English
pdf file 15-16 CSD Spanish
pdf file 15-16 CSD Details
pdf file 14-15 CSD English
pdf file 14-15 CSD Spanish
pdf file 14-15 CSD Details
Folder Special Education Report Cards (3 Files)
pdf file 16-17 Sped Report Card
pdf file 17-18 Sped Report Card - English
pdf file 17-18 Sped Report Card - Spanish